Story Line for Rats and Saps (Part 1)

This is the first part of the storyline. There are five parts so far.

Story Line

Part 1:

  1. Evanor’s story. She is the mother of the main character, Lem.
  2. Hard life on Draco.763.3b in Sector 84; history of colonization from colony’s heyday until current time.
  3. First blue baby is born; not deemed viable and killed.
  4. Another blue baby is born, another, and another; reports from different sectors; roughly 0.5% of all births are blue; all killed.
  5. Evanor and Thort, from Sector 84, give birth to their first child, Lem, who turns out to be blue; the baby cries and coos; the young parents don’t have the heart to kill the child.
  6. Evanor and Thort are ostracized by their neighbors; the local preacher calls Lem an abomination in the eyes of God; the local doctor refuses to receive baby Lem at his clinic.
  7. When Lem turns 3 years old, Evanor takes him to communal day-care; Sangor, one of the neighbors’ children, tries to bully Lem; Lem is blamed for the incident and Evanor has to take him home; a brawl between Javid (Sangor’s father) and Thort (Lem’s father) ensues and the co-workers only pull them apart when the assistant manager shows up.
  8. After work in the mine, Thort goes to the local bar to drown his troubles in some good brew with his buddies, only his buddies don’t make room for him at the long table; he sits by himself at a small table nearby and drinks his brew alone; Javid is drinking with the buddies at the long table and telling everybody his side of events at the mine.
  9. Thort is ordered to come to the assistant manager’s office where he was fired on the spot.
  10. Thort and Evanor take Lem and leave Sector 84 to look for farming work in Sector 87.

Next post will be Part 2. Stay tuned!

Mike Stone, Ra’anana Israel


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