Rats and Saps, Part 1: The Saps, Chapter 1: Mother

I will be incommunicado for a couple of weeks. I probably won’t have consistent or reliable access to the Internet where I’m going. Please check back here around 4th or 5th of November for resumed posts. I promise to work on Part 7 offline and hopefully finish it and the whole storyline by then. In the meantime and without further beating around the burning bush, here is a preview of the first chapter of the story.

Part 1: The Saps

Chapter 1: Mother

I guess I’m older’n them hills on this god-forsaken planet. I don’t reckon I know how old those hills are. Come to think of it, I don’t rightly know how old I am neither. No matter. I usta turn a man’s eye. Now I ain’t much to look at. No matter. I’ve had a hard life. I don’t need no man’s pity and I ain’t ashamed of anything I ever done. Not even birthing my son. Tell you the truth, it’s the one thing I’m proud of. My son. Even though he don’t come around to see me very often anymore. I keep hoping he’ll come through that there door and pick me up in his arms and dance me around the room like a straw doll. I’d tell him he shouldn’t treat his old mother like that. I’d tell him he should treat me with more respect because I’m older’n those hills. But inside me I’d be proud as a purdybird. You should hear him talk. He’s a smart one, he is. I don’t know what all goes on in his head. He’s always one step ahead me. He’s also one step ahead of the neighbors too, thank God!

A small note about the process of writing this story. The first chapter ties back to my post from September 19th about Part 1, bullet 1: Evanor’s story. She is the mother of the main character, Lem. Every bullet in the storyline will expand into one or more chapters. Of course, Chapter 1 will get a lot more meat on its bones before I’m finished with it. It was important for me to show how monologues and dialogues establish the voices of the characters, which travel on top of the wave of the writer’s voice. 

Mike Stone, Ra’anana Israel


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