Part 4: Thunder on the Horizon; Chapter 23: Lem and Yani

Their world had revolved around the larger uninhabitable world in the sky many times since the two families had set out to find the Refuge in the Uncharted Areas. Because their hearts were pure (and because their children were blue), they were able to safely cross the wide river between Sector 127 and the Uncharted Area. They did not find the Refuge, so much as the Refuge found them wandering around in the dense primordial forests. Lem and his mother Evanor, as well as Yani and her parents were accepted graciously into the Refuge by the Rationals who had established and built it.

The Refuge was a utopia waiting since the beginning of time to be built exactly as it was, and then it was, simply, just like that.

Many months passed since their acceptance into the community. Lem and Yani grew up into fine young adults. Lem was tall and lean with the long musculature of a strong swimmer. What with his relatively small skull, his long neck, and his stocky legs and large feet, it seemed as though Lem had been drawn by the left hand of God. Yani was taller than most Sapien men. She was strong and lanky, but more delicately proportioned, as Rational females tended to be. She possessed large slanting eyes and high pronounced cheek-bones. Yani was not exceptionally beautiful as compared to the other young women of the community, but when compared to most Sap women she was exceptional.

Lem and Yani were inseparable, not that anyone had ever tried to separate them.


Mike Stone

Raanana Israel


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