Chapter 26: The Best of Times

The Rats had a good season. Farms were thriving, but even better, the successes appeared to be sustainable. People were healthy and nobody went to bed hungry. There was no government, no laws, no judges, and no police. From time to time, a forum of people would meet to deliberate apparent conflicts of interest that were too difficult for both sides to resolve by themselves. The assumption was that both sides were right and their intentions were good, but there was probably a challenging paradox involved that warranted group deliberation.

All human societies had complex needs and the Rats were no exception. It did not make sense for everyone to be a farmer; besides, there were enough farmers producing enough food for everybody. The Rats could have produced enough food for the Saps too, but the Saps hated the Rats more than they loved eating. The Rats had begun to specialize their labors. In addition to farmers, there were doctors, teachers, builders, researchers, transporters, and broadcasters.

Nobody received money for any products, services, or work, so there was no need for money. Everybody did what was necessary to maintain a sufficient level of abundance in his area of specialization. It made sense. Once you were born, you had to do everything you could to survive until the day you died. If there were people in the society who lacked the means to survive, that society would break down. It was only rational to ensure that everybody had the means to survive and to thrive. Society needed everybody’s contribution if it was to thrive and nobody could contribute to society if he were starving, homeless, or sick. You had to take care of basic needs before you took care of secondary needs. Every child knew that. Even the politicians knew it.

For instance, take Farmon. She had not been born yet but she will invent something so great that a world will be named after her. If her mother and father were not to survive until she was born, the timeline of the Rats would have been very short indeed.

Mike Stone

Raanana Israel



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2 responses to “Chapter 26: The Best of Times

  1. Sounds good to me! Nice society they have going!

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