Sorry for the Temporary Inconvenience

Hi everybody! I thought I had survived my digital transition from one company to another. I had smugly told everyone I was now online and for business. Then Murphy struck with a vengeance … or was the Harpies cackling over their plot to cut my hubris down to size? Don’t ask. What? You ask anyway? My old company had paid for my Internet connection. Just before I quit I called our local communications carrier and told them I would take over payment of the bill. They said “no problemo” (words to that effect). I started working at my new company and my Internet connection rose once again like a phoenix. Then the old company told the carrier they weren’t going to pay my bill anymore, so the carrier disconnected my link. After I found out that was the problem and not the storm that had brought down some of the lines in the area over the weekend when the carrier’s offices were closed, they said they’d reconnect me. They even offered me a good deal on a 10 megabit per second link, instead of the 2.5 mega I had before. You could imagine my disappointment when the DSL link refused to sync. Turns out my ADSL router couldn’t handle 10 meg, so I’m down to 5 megabits per second til Friday when I upgrade my ADSL router. Anyway you don’t want excuses, you want chapters!
And now, without further ado…

Mike Stone

Raanana Israel


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