Uncollecting Myselves

This is just to bring all of you up to date. A lot has been happening since my last post. First off, it appears that the name I selected for my blog is becoming increasingly appropriate, since I published my third book, “The Rats and the Saps”. Undaunted, I am moving onward with, not one, but two literary projects in parallel! You may expect the blog to develop a split personality.

The first project will be the compilation and publishing of my father’s four journals, which he kept religiously during the last years of his life. His journals were his most loyal and constant friends, who were always more than happy to listen uncritically to his every thought, emotion, and pain. I remember when I’d come to visit once a year, all the way from Israel, Dad would show me his writing, which could range from triteness to bitterness (although some were gems), and I would try to explain about engaging one’s readers, about consensus and acceptability, and about how they made me feel, or I would ask him why he felt the need to write what he wrote. He could never explain it to me satisfactorily. Then Death came and underlined his writings with a poignancy I could have sworn was never in those pages until it arrived, that said “understand!” and don’t ask for explanations, because you’ll never get them. This is what I will have to deal with in the coming months.

The second project will be a third book in my Rational Series, including “The Tin Man” and “The Rats and the Saps”. The third book will be called “Whirlpool”. I have already started writing it. It will be a different genre from the other two books in the series — an experimental psychological science fantasy, involving the major characters from the previous two books, along with the author as character as author. If I succeed in what I want to achieve, I will have your heads spinning around like the cute little girl in “The Exorcist”. Hence, the title.

You will be seeing blog posts from each project intermixed, along with anything else zinging through my head from one universe to another.

It wouldn’t hurt you to write a comment or a review from time to time… but, hey, don’t worry about me. I’ll just sit in the dark and spin my yarn. 😉

Mike Stone

Raanana Israel



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4 responses to “Uncollecting Myselves

  1. I will look forward to all you projects, but especially the one about your dad. I swear there was another book that I gave to your mom. I don’t have it here.
    You are a wonderful writer, and I don’t want to think about you in the dark all by yourself. I am thinking of purchasing the rats and the saps.

    • Thanks Barbara! I have 4 notebooks. Are you saying there was a 5th?

      • I am not sure. But whatever I had I definitely gave to her! I guess look at the dates. He consistently wrote. If there’s a gap, we know there’s a missing notebook. He did have some loose stuff that was practically unreadable. I think you had it.

      • I misspoke. I have only 3 notebooks. I checked Dad’s sequence numbers. I have notebooks 2-4. I’m missing notebook number 1 (#1-#86). I mentioned it to Mom this evening (my time). She said she’ll look around. I’ll go with what I have in the meantime.

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