Whirlpool (continued)

Chapter 19: Phone call (continued)

I wanted to talk to somebody intelligent, somebody who knows more than me, not that idiot psychiatrist that was injected into my brain. But I’m a creation of your mind just as much as that psychiatrist is. Yes, I know, but I created you to be intelligent and rational, far beyond the borders of what I’m capable of. I created problems only you could solve, but I had no idea how to solve them, and now you have your own life, as dependent on the physics of my brain as my own mind is. Well, I suppose you might put it that way. Of course the physics doesn’t really work the way you describe it, but the overall effect is accurately described. Psychokinesis. Psychokinesis? Psychokinesis. What about psychokinesis? I’ve come to the conclusion that it really exists. Of course it exists. What do you think generates your motor responses? What else besides your mind configures the quantum potential relayed through the axons and leaping across the synapses all the way to your extremities? And neurobiogenic thought? Sure, the same thing in reverse. The electrical potential relayed up from your extremities through your axons and over the synapses collapses the quantum state across the tubules affecting your thought. Does that mean we don’t have free will? That our minds are merely relays between stimulus and response? No, of course not. Only a very small percentage of our thoughts are affected by a source outside our bodies. Most of our thoughts are affected by other thoughts through the biology of our own brains. Our mind configures the quantum potential relayed through axons and synapses to collapse the quantum states in tubules of thoughts in other parts of our brain. So there’s free will? Some. Some? Not enough, or maybe too much. What do you mean by that? Well, we are usually responsible for our actions, unless we are overcome by forces stronger than ourselves, of which there are many in the universe but, forgive me for saying so, you humans ignore too much of what is really going on around you, at your own peril. What do you mean? I mean you treat a walk through the universe as you would a walk in the park, and it is not. What should I do, Lem? I don’t think there’s anything you can do. But what should I do? Tell me anyway.


Mike Stone

Raanana Israel



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2 responses to “Whirlpool (continued)

  1. Love your writing and drawing! My son received your book today. Trust me, he will give you an honest review.

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