Chapter 33: Evening

By now the light in the cabin had thinned into evening shadow.

In a moment the artificial lighting will turn on. Is that alright with you? You haven’t said a word for some time now. Can I get you anything? You must be famished. When did you last eat? Please say something … anything. I could drink some water, my mouth is so dry. What about you?

I’m still here.

Yes, you are. I can’t believe my good luck. Can I –

Just shush for a moment. Let me process.

Do you want –

Don’t ask me. Just bring me what you know I need. I need for us to be silent for a little while.

The artificial lighting kicked on and the shadows leaped through the window into the engulfing night. The tandem moons rose over the black mountain range on the horizon. He rose from his chair through the exhaustion that had surrounded him while he was telling her the story. He picked up the empty cups and walked outside to the pump to rinse them out. He ground some more coffee and put the grounds into the dented metal pot which he took back outside to the pump. He returned to the kitchen, lit a fire in the stove, and put the pot on the fire. He found some bread that looked fresh and a few eggs which he put in an iron pan and fried on the stove. He rummaged around the drawers until he found a couple tin plates and eating utensils. He carried the steaming eggs and coffee out to the table.

They ate without speaking. He looked down at his eggs and fried bread, but he felt her staring at him. She looked away when he raised his eyes. He watched her drink down the coffee. He drank his silently.

She stood up from the table and walked over to the door.

His heart sank.

She opened the door and turned around waiting for him.

He walked towards her unsteadily.

The night breeze whispered through the grass like breathing. Otherwise there was only silence. The light was pale and ghostly underneath the two moons.

She reached for his hand.



Mike Stone

Raanana Israel


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