Chapter 40: Flashing Rings

The curved walls throbbed and rings of light flashed at irregular intervals moving away and lighting up different sections of the tunnel until the rings became small points on the distant horizon. In the opposite direction small points from another horizon become larger and larger rings until they throbbed past toward the opposite horizon. One of the flashing rings seemed to stand still, throbbing bulbously as though it were about to give birth, but instead it decrypted into Exim.

Exim surveyed his surroundings. He turned around slowly. He had no idea how long he had been encrypted. He remembered walking into a light beam. He thought he had died. Perhaps he had.

The part of the tunnel in which he currently found himself was very different from what it had been before the light. He looked down at his hands and feet. The black claws at the ends of the hairy segments seemed to stare back at him. The claws opened and closed like alien mouths. Opened and closed. Open and closed. He rubbed his arms against his face trying to feel features that should be familiar. The hair of his arms scratched his huge eyes. He screamed but he couldn’t hear himself and there were only slow ripples in the foam that filled the tunnel, making it impossible for him to breathe. He tried to scream again but it was no use. He dragged himself heavily through the grey foam with only the flashing rings to light his way.

Mike Stone

Raanana Israel


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