Chapter 44: Doors

Swimming through time. Ellen felt like she was swimming through time. Upstream. She could hear voices on either side of her but too distant to make out what they were saying. Her legs were motionless. She tried pulling herself through time with her arms but they could barely move. It was like a frightening dream in which you try to escape but fear holds onto you and won’t let you go. Suddenly the door opened and a strong arm reached out towards her. She felt herself moving backwards and lunged for the outstretched hand. The hand grasped her arm tightly at the wrist and pulled her toward the doorway and the sunlight outside.

The arm was cobalt blue.

Suddenly Ellen was outside the cabin.

“Are you ok?” Lem asked Ellen. “I thought we were going to lose you.”

“I … uh,” Ellen tried to speak. She looked around her. The strand of trees was not where it should have been. In its place was an open meadow rolling into the distant craggy peaks. She turned around. Instead of the cabin there was the rolling meadow. She turned back to Lem and Yani. They were so tall and beautiful, and so blue.

“We’ve heard so much about you,” Yani offered, trying to make Ellen feel at home, to dispel some of her disorientation.

“Where am I?” Ellen finally managed to speak.

“In time the question will become less meaningful to you,” Lem said kindly. “Try to let my words be enough of an answer for you for now.”

“Come take my hand,” Yani said warmly. “We’ll take you to our home and give you something to eat. Then you can rest as long as you like.”

Ellen looked dejected. “Is something troubling you dear?” Lem asked.

She stammered, “I came all this way to interview a man who …”

“He’s waiting for you here and now,” Lem smiled.

“What?” Ellen gasped. “I don’t understand.”

“He’s always been waiting for you,” Yani said and glanced at Lem.

Mike Stone

Raanana Israel


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