Waiting for Godot

Jerusalem is buried under big sticking wet crystal flakes of white snow. We marvel at it. Over 1500 Israelis jumped into their cars with their families from all over the country and drove up to the capital to see the snow, throw snowballs at each other, and build a snowman. You get the picture. Now they’re stuck on the roads since late yesterday evening trying to leave the capital for their warm homes, their tires spinning without traction on the snow-covered roads because no private car in Israel has snow tires or chains on their tires. Most of the stuck motorists and their cold and hungry families have been collected and taken to the Building of the Nations, where they were given food and tea, blankets and mattresses. The snow is predicted to continue until tomorrow evening, 48 hours all told.

The parts of Israel nearer to sea level are drenched in a deluge of rain. People tend to complain about the lack of rainfall in our neck of the woods. Then when the rain comes in one long thick and persistent slanting attack on whatever we were planning to do, we complain about that too. It’s no wonder our rains are accompanied by lightning and thunder. You’d be angry and frustrated with us too, if you were God.

God is the human face we put on nature to make its acts more explicable and less threatening. God is our friend and parent. He chose us from all other people and species. He will protect us. He would never allow bad things to happen to us and, when they do happen, as they will from time to time, we say God moves in mysterious ways with the voice of wisdom, which sounds almost like a fact. The fact is that nature is chaotic to those who haven’t learned its rules yet.

And so we dance nature’s little chacha, three steps forward, two steps back, or we stand against the wall waiting for Godot to choose us for a partner.


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