Daisy’s Birthday

I took Daisy for her morning walk today. She checked her Facebook account and carefully studied the posts of others. She indicated those she liked, checked whether anyone had liked her previous posts, and posted her own new content. She did the same for LinkedIn. Daisy doesn’t understand what others see in Twitter. She just doesn’t get the tweets, not that she hasn’t tried. She’ll try to creep up on one as low and silent as she can, but at the last moment, they’ll jump into the air and not come down until they’re far away from her. She tried jumping into the air after them, but she always comes down quickly on all fours.

I don’t think Daisy knows what she has in store for her today: quite possibly a hamburger “cake” with nine “candles” rolled from pastrami. Pastrami is like her favorite thing in the whole universe. She gobbles it up so quickly that not even a single memory of its existence remains. Today is Daisy’s birthday. She’s eight year old. May she have many more where those came from.

Mike Stone

Raanana Israel


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