Holocaust Day in Israel

Moments after a two-minute siren in memory of 6,000,000 stories, hopes, ashes, and smoke, it occurs to me that there are two paramount questions of our time that have yet to be adequately answered in the last 70 years and are unlikely to be adequately answered in the next 70 years:

  1. How could so many God-fearing family-loving normative people participate actively or passively in such a monumental evil? I have no interest in the few who instigated and whipped up that evil. They have been dealt with and are no longer among us.
  2. How could so many innocent victims have been blinded by hopes, beliefs, and an inability to see such evil when it was still small and distant? Now, 70 years later, we ask why they didn’t drop everything and run or hide for their lives. Then, over 70 years ago, they asked themselves why run or hide? We are professors, accomplished musicians, decorated war heroes, and proud citizens. They would never do to us what others are saying. They need us. It doesn’t make sense. It was this cognitive dissonance that paralyzed their legs until it was too late to run or hide.



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