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Eulogy for the Beautiful Soul and Literary Arts Activism Genius , G Jamie Dedes
G. Jamie Dedes

G. Jamie Dedes passed away last Friday, November 6, 2020.


You came to us, a little girl,

An immigrant,

When immigrants were welcome.

From the East you came

Like the sun from the Atlantic,

You, who knew the cedars of Lebanon.

Your roots were deep in the moist earth

And your branches spread widely,

Blessing immigrants and natives alike

With the fruit of your gentle wisdom.

Gentleness was always your path,

Beauty and Truth your travelers.

Your path was always high above our heads

But you showed us how to walk

The razor’s edge with soft feet.

Go softly, Sweet Gentle,

And light the night

With our hearts.

                                    November 6, 2020


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