Genesis, the Allegory

Let’s just suppose for a moment or two that the story of Genesis was not written or dictated by God, that the story is an allegory with a moral. What could that moral be? The following is my interpretation of the story and the moral.

We are Adam and we are Eve.

There are actually more trees in the Garden of Eden than the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life. There are trees of experience, wisdom, beauty, humanity, empathy, and maturity.

There are trees of wealth, generosity,  courage, ideas, imagination, and memory; trees of ideas, stories, poems, songs, painting, sculpture, and musical compositions; trees of negotiations, judgment, and compassion.

I could go on and on about the different kinds of trees.

God warned Adam not to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge or the Tree of Life because then he would be as God. We are told the reason for this warning is that God is a jealous God and would never tolerate having other Gods before Him.

But maybe God was smarter than that. Maybe He knew than if He forbade Adam from eating the fruit of those trees, Adam and Eve would be tempted to eat the fruit of one of them, maybe both. Maybe that’s what God wanted all along. What could have been His reasoning?

To be God is to be perfect. Now, nothing in our Universe is perfect; but we must strive for perfection in order to be better than what we are, even just a little bit better. Perhaps perfection is not a state of being, but a direction on a compass that we must follow to be better than what we are.

Perhaps the moral of the allegory of Genesis is that we must eat the fruit of as many trees as we possibly can in order to survive or thrive in our world. Everybody has some of the fruit, but nobody has all of the fruit.

We need each other to survive or thrive.

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