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We Are Still Ok

We are still ok. Last night was quiet for our sons’ families and us, but Gazan rockets still bombarded our southern towns and villages and continue to do so as of this writing.

You hear many voices, many narratives. Many of them are shouted or chanted, many images and many languages. How do you know which ones to believe? I tend to believe the one with the least hatred, the one least certain of itself, the one spoken with tears, but maybe that’s just me.

The reason there are no negotiations or, if there are, they don’t get anywhere, is that both sides stop the negotiation process after stating their maximum demands. Negotiation requires an iterative give and take process. A few days ago, someone pointed out that the Bible requires us not to surround the enemy on all sides or force him into a corner, but to leave the enemy a means of escape. That concerns waging a war as morally as possible. But how do we wage peace morally? I believe that there are parallels between the way we wage war and the way peace should be waged.

Unfortunately, the current set of politicians on both sides are not nearly as professional as the military commanders on both sides and whatever advantages are gained on the battlefield by military actions are likely to be wasted by the blather and posturing of politicians.


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