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It’s out!

Poetry! Read it. Write it. There’s nothing quite like it. Although it’s not provable in a court of law and it won’t get us to Mars and back on a single tank of gas, poetry has an unfair advantage over every other form of writing when it’s good. When it is inspired, it leaps high in the sky over every obstacle.

Inspiration is what we demand from the poetry we read, neither rhyme nor meter will suffice. Inspiration cannot be cranked out or forced. Like the ancient Greek Muses of the arts and sciences, she will come when she comes, if she comes at all. All a poet can do is to make himself (or herself) worthy of the Muse, and perhaps she will find him (or her).

My seventh book of poetry, “What’s a Nice Muse like You Doing in a Place like This?” is hot off the Amazonian presses today. It’s available in paperback for the more physically inclined readers. For the more spiritually inclined, it’s also available in Kindle (digital download) format.

Mike Stone

June 13, 2021

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