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On Being Us

After reading Anil Seth’s brilliant yet surprisingly accessible book, “Being You, A New Science of Consciousness”, I gleaned the following important take-aways. This is not a book report or book review; for that, I would refer you to Anil Seth’s theory of consciousness by SelfAwarePatterns.

My take-aways are as follows:

  1. That evolution populates our genes to look after our bodies first and foremost. Our survival depends on maintaining our body’s respiration, temperature, integrity, food, hydration, reproduction, energy, material, and all the other critical parameters required by life. If we don’t respect the upper and lower bounds of the conditions of our existence, we will cease to exist.
  • Following close behind #1, evolution loads our genetic dice with awareness of our world, filled with enemies and friends. We don’t seem to be equipped with an ability to perceive reality as it really is, but we appear to be able to build more-or-less useful models of reality that we can tweak to minimize dissonances between our models and what really is or is not. Enemies are people, animals, or things that might harm or kill us. Friends are people, animals, or things that might help or save us. The rest of the world consists of people, animals, or things that might be enemies or friends. We must be wary of the rest of the world. We shouldn’t trust them because they might be enemies and we shouldn’t harm or kill them because they might be friends.
  • Those who resist or lack their genetic lessons run the risk of losing their gene pool privileges and memberships.


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