Quantum Reality vs Statistical Reality

Warning: All my assertions in this post are a conjecture based on my readings of quantum literature and acquaintance with the field of statistics; that said, I think you will find my conclusions both persuasive and interesting.

One thing we can learn from quantum theories is that quantum reality is discontinuous and fundamentally unpredictable at the level of individual particles. So how is it that our macro reality appears to us to be smoothly continuous and somewhat predictable? Why is there such a disconnect between quantum reality and macro reality, when everything around us, including ourselves, is made from these particles?

I do not intend to question the tenets of quantum theories, no matter how nonintuitive or outlandish some of them seem to us. Those theories were engendered by better minds than mine in attempts to explain the uncanny accuracies of their observations and predictions (though only at a statistical level; more about that later on). I do intend to humbly suggest an explanation that might bridge the disconnect between observed quantum and macro realities.

Everything, molecules, atoms, and electrons, is composed of quarks, leptons, and bosons: stars, planets, moons, people, animals, plants, oceans, mountains, clouds, … everything. But quarks, leptons, and bosons behave one way; everything else behaves significantly differently.

My conjecture is that, at macro levels, observations can only be statistical in nature; that is, they summarize the actions and behaviors of clusters of individual quantum particles and forces over time. In most cases, these statistical summaries create continuous mathematical or algorithmic functions. These continuous functions are what our very low-resolution senses and brains observe.

There is only one reality, and that reality is quantum, and it is not multi-level, at least until a better theory comes around.

To me, the ramifications are significant: there is something hiding at the quantum level that is responsible for what we can observe as life and consciousness.

Unless there is something that I’m missing.

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