Ode to Little Things

Ode to Little Things

Poems by Mike Stone from 2022

“Let us now praise little voices

Barely heard, and then only in solitude,

Far from what is practicable,

The weak conjectures still-born

Among the raucous laughter of normal people …”

(from the title poem, “Ode to Little Things”)

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Ideas start out very weak and vulnerable. To grow they must be nurtured. To survive they must be protected. But instead, they are often ignored, left to fail, and die. They will most likely be ridiculed, beaten down, possibly accepted, misinterpreted, and forgotten. Finally, they will be rediscovered and become the new norm.

Ideas are born unaware of their potential for greatness. They only know what they can and must do. The person who gives birth to an idea is often as surprised as anyone else when the greatness of the idea becomes apparent to all. An idea can become a poem, a story, an essay, a speech, an artistic expression, a solution to a problem, an invention, a hypothesis, a discovery, a philosophy, a religion, a vision, a dream, or just about anything. It can even become a love. Like our universe, it starts as a singularity and spreads outward until it fills all space and time, at least that which is between our ears.

Most of the poems in this book are about the little things that make a world, things that we might miss just because things we thought were more important demanded our attention at the time, or things that might become important some time hence, poems like “Things Great and Small”, in which God knows we need the small to make a world, “A Poem Can Be a Small Thing”, how death could also be a small thing you put in your pocket, and “Transmigration of a Soul”, about the possibility that death comes back to remind us of love’s loss and transmigration.

There are other poems in the book, like “Small Steps”, in which peace between us takes tiny steps like an infant and futures appear out of nowhere, “Wounds” which suggests that wounds are tunnels you must go through to get to the other side, or “A Constellation of Starlings”, a beautiful and uniquely alternate creation story.

“Ode to Little Things” is Mike’s eighth book of poetry.