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Independence Day

American flag

This is not the day to dwell on our strength because that makes us forget that our liberty is not a foregone conclusion around this world and that the dangers to our liberty are ever present. This is the day to remember when we were weak but had the courage to draw the line on our shores and say in a single unwavering voice “let our enemies step over this line at their own peril!” While logic whispered in one ear that we were outnumbered and wisdom whispered in the other that we should withdraw back to our home fires to fight again another day when our enemies would be weaker than us, courage spoke from our heart and told us our liberty and that of our loved ones are worth fighting for against any and all chances.

Courage is always disproportionate, inordinate, and can never be counted on by our enemies.

Happy Fourth of July America!

From your friends in Israel

Mike Stone

Raanana Israel


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A very specific number. Not rounded off like 6,000,000. Very exact. Changing. Doesn’t stay the same for very long. Never goes down. It’s the price of our independence, our survival. Some might say the price is pretty cheap. I guess it all depends on the currency in which you are forced to pay.

We don’t call our soldiers jarheads or grunts or any other dehumanizing name. How could we? Our soldiers are our sons and daughters, our husbands and wives, our fathers and mothers. If not ours, then someone else’s. It could have been ours. It might be ours next time around. This is the currency which we use to pay for our independence and survival. This is our glass jaw.

In this neck of the woods, it’s a mistake to show your weakness, your fear, your grief. I know that. Act as though you don’t give a damn. Act as if you’re ready to die. Act as though you’re already dead. Still, I wonder sometimes whether our enemies have sons and daughters whom they love, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers. Do they grieve deaths like we do when we are alone and silent?

One thing we do that no other nation in the world does is put our Independence Day right after our Remembrance Day for the Fallen in War and Victims of Terror. I never quite understood how we expect our people to switch from insane sadness to insane happiness at the announcement “this marks the end of our ceremony and the beginning of our festivities.” I guess it is to teach us the price of our independence and survival.

Mike Stone

Raanana Israel


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