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The Wrong Answer to the Immigration Problem

I’m going out on a pretty shaky limb here. I’m about to say something that is sure to draw fire from both the liberal side of the political spectrum and the conservative side.

Although America has shown itself to be cruelly negligent in its dealing with the immigration problem on its borders, specifically in its treatment of migrant families and their children, the answer to the dilemma is NOT to open wide the floodgates of would-be immigrants into the United States. Just to be crystal clear, I am not saying “the right answer is not to open wide the floodgates”, but “opening the floodgates is the wrong answer.” It might become the right answer in the future, if America were to increase the resources it possesses to deal with the problem and decides to change the way it allocates those resources (but I am getting ahead of myself).

The USA is ranked #120 (out of 183) among the nations with the highest rates of death from malnutrition between Costa Rica (#119) and Egypt (#121). 0.64% out of every 100,000 Americans die from malnutrition every year ( https://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/cause-of-death/malnutrition/by-country/ ). In 2017, the population of the United States was 325.7 million people. 0.64% of 325,700,000 means 2,084,480 men, women, elderly, and/or children die from malnutrition in America every year.

This is America not being able to take care of its own people, even though it is one of the richest nations on Earth. Apparently, Capitalists see these numbers as the cost of doing business in America. How exactly is America to take care of a flood or even a trickle of immigrants?

Singapore, Moldova, or Belarus might be able to take in some immigrants since people there don’t starve to death or die from malnutrition.

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