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Soon We Will All Turn into Poems

Every year just before the Day of Remembrance for Israel’s Fallen the Army radio station broadcasts a two-hour program (http://shir.glz.fm/), called in Hebrew “עוד מעט נהפוך לשיר” (soon we’ll all turn into poems), of the poems or songs that soldiers wrote before they were killed in battle. Although some of the songs or poems may be about bravery in battle and esprit de corps, most are about love, the possibility of death, and the sadness of unlived life. Most of the poems and songs were written during a last leave at home and hidden in a bedroom drawer or recorded in a notebook when none of his friends were looking and found in a blood-stained pocket. Whether you were gung-ho or not inside, you were always gung-ho for your buddies. I remember that too back in ’83 before going over the border. This day, the Day of Remembrance for Israel’s Fallen, which always comes the day before Independence Day in Israel, always adds a twinge of sadness to our insanely festive celebration of independence.

Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to write about. I was just suddenly intrigued by the title of the radio program, “Soon We’ll All Turn into Poems”. For a poet, you know, it’s not a bad way to go — to turn into your poems.

Mike Stone

Raanana Israel

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