The Uncollected Essays, Conjectures, and Whatnot of Mike Stone

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an uncollection of Mike’s best blog posts, organized by subject, telling it like it is, or at least like it should be, exactly what you’d expect from Mike, as long as you expect the unexpected.

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The Uncollected Essays, Conjectures, and Whatnot of Mike Stone is compiled from his blog UncollectedWorks, covering the years from 2011 to 2016. Mike writes on philosophy, writing, religion, war, space and time, and politics, no holds barred, all fair (or unfair) game. For those of you who have read and followed Mike’s poetry, sci-fi novels, and blog, this will be a particularly good read. Mike was born and raised in America but has lived over half his life in Israel. He is married with three sons and six grandchildren.