The Uncollected Works of Mike Stone

The Uncollected Works of Mike Stone

The Uncollected Works of Mike Stone







Available on Amazon: ($19.95)

Available on Kindle: (only $2.99)

Available on CreateSpace: ($19.95)

The Uncollected Works of Mike Stone is an uncollection of poetry and prose from university years prior to being drafted into the US Army, active duty in Europe, and return to normalcy. Then events took a turn into another dimension altogether. The uncollection includes moral dilemmas for the modern man who finds himself in an amoral world without an instruction manual, a photo album with only words that evoke pictures not to be found in anyone else’s photo album, and a journal of first-hand experience undergoing basic training, as a new immigrant, in the Israeli army reserves. You can search inside my book on Amazon, if you feel like browsing before you buy. If you like a page, though, you will still have to buy the whole book. I’m not Paul Reps, hanging the pages of his poems with clothes pins on a clothes line, 10 cents a page (free for lovers of Buddha).


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